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You may subscribe to thes weekly newspapers on a yearly basis. A discount price is offered if you pay for two years at a time.

Subscriptions for The Brunswick Citizen or the Valley Citizen are available for

Area 1 year Notes
Frederick County*
Incl. 21758 Wash. Co.*
Myersville (In Town)
Lovettsville in 20180 zip code
Other Maryland, or Other Virginia

Mail checks to 101 W. Potomac Street, Brunswick MD 21716. Or call 301-834-7722 to pay by VISA, MasterCard or Discover.
* Sales tax included for Maryland.

Near the end of your subscription period, you will receive a card reminding you “It’s time to renew” your subscription. If we haven’t received a renewal from you in two weeks, a second card will go out, warning: “Time is running out” on your subscription. You should receive the paper for two more weeks after that notice. (If you get the second card after renewing, you’ve probably just crossed notices with us in the mail, but feel free to call to make sure we did receive your renewal.)

The Citizen makes a great gift: a weekly reminder to recipients that you are thinking of them. If you like, we will send the recipient a card announcing your gift.
When it comes time for a gift subscription to be renewed, the giver will receive the renewal notices (not the receiver).

Subscriptions are sent through the mail. How they travel determines when they arrive.

  1. All subscribers’ papers are mailed out Wednesday nights— in Frederick (most subscriptions) and Lovettsville (Loudoun Co., Va., subscriptions).
    People living in the Frederick County or Lovettsville zip codes should receive their papers on Thursday.
  2. The remaining papers destined for other areas may take several days to arrive. Please note: This is not The Citizen’s fault. All we can do is ask the USPS to try harder to move the paper quickly. It helps if you complain to postal authorities, too. (If you live in Frederick County, call your local postmaster and ask him if The Citizen newspapers have arrived from Frederick this week, and if not, ask him to track them down.)
  3. From Frederick, papers going to other counties and other states go to regional distribution centers. The more centers must handle the mail, the later your paper will be. It is not uncommon for people in California, for instance, to get papers a week to ten days after we mail them out; sometimes, distant subscribers will get two or more papers in a batch.
    Again, there is nothing we can do about this: we mail the papers out, one week at a time, before midnight each Wednesday. Once we leave them at the Frederick and Lovettsville post offices, they are in the hands of the U.S. Postal Service.



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