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How to Advertise

NOTE: Deadline for ads: Monday 12:00 noon

The Citizen offers two kinds of advertisements:

  1. “Mini-ads,” or line ads. These low-cost ads are reserved for private citizens who are holding yard sales or selling items like cars, furniture or other one-time things. Most ads run $5 for one week. Runs in both the Brunswick and Valley Citizen papers.
  2. “Box ads,” or display ads. These start at the minimum size of 1-column wide by 1-inch high. Ads are priced according to the number of columns they are wide multiplied by the number of inches high they are. Any size is possible, up to 5 columns wide and 14 inches high.
    Ad prices begin with those for ads placed once: the “one time” rate. A discounted rate is available for “regular” advertisers: those who place ads with us four times or more a year.
  3. ‘Full color’ is available.

Please call 301-834-7722 • 877-834-6500 or
e-mail: citizen@mip.net for pricing of ads

If you advertise in more than one of our papers, discounts are offered for the second paper.

Note: Our columns are roughly 2 inches wide, for a full-page width of 10 inches.
We will set the ad for free, and will send fax you a proof of your ad, if you ask.

Send graphics or photographs in jpg format (must be 300 dpi at the size to be used - 72 dpi jpegs not acceptable. Eg. take photos on digital cameras at the highest quality setting (and save as black and white if at all possible).

Ad File formats:

  1. PDF - Please embed all fonts. Images should be b&w or grayscale (call about color images) and the pdf saved as Print quality. For text only ads, screen quality is acceptable. Please do not send PDF containing any color images or others colors in graphics or type except by prior arrangement.
  2. JPEG - 300 dpi
  3. Other - please call.

Please do not email files larger than 10 mbytes. Larger Files may be submitted on cd or zip disks.


Email: citizen@mip.net
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