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owl / umbra 2012, TAG Black, White & Grey show owl umbra
ash grove / moonlight 2012, TAG Black, White & Grey Show
box box 2011, assembly, for TAG 2012 Box show box box
bamboo hawk 2011, collage on wood bamboo hawk
salamander dew. 2011. collage on wood salamander dew
smoke cat. 2011. smoked wood sculpture smoke cat
pheasant/coils 2011, collage on wood with rusted metal, glass, resistors and insulators from the knob-and-tube wiring in our 1930s house. pheasant coils
ash grove alley. 2011, collage on wood with wasp-made paper, broken glass, and rusted metal. ashgrovealley
territory (3 birds). 2010. Collage on paper incorporating seeds and feathers. A struggle for territory. territory

alien thoughts. 2011. Collage on manila file folder with old wallpaper and a computer memory chip.
alien thoughts
falcon/metal. 2011. Collage on wood with a collection of metal object and pearl buttons. falcon_metal
2011, collage on paper with ginkgo leaves and found "pearls."
despised and rejected
2010, collage on paper. The name comes from a line of lyrics on the music in the background, written in the old script with the elongated 's's.
despise and rejected
lachesis is the one in the middle.
2011, collage on paper. The three Moirae: Clothos spins, Lachesis measures, and Atropos cuts.
snowy owl paper/paper
alien thoughts
a v i m o r p h s
t e r r i t o r y
m y t h o / l o g i c a l

p a p e r / w o o d

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owl at sea
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paper/paper fish_lotus