Statement of work

Glue holds most of my work together. My collages use paper and found objects as a substitute for paint and mosiac tesserae, fixed in place with diluted carpenter's glue or gel medium. Most of my carvings are made from glue-laminated blocks of wood.

The "paper/paper" works are collages on paper or matboard. Many are birds constructed from slices of landscapes found in glossy magazines and glittering objects from gift catalogues. The "paper/wood" series are three-dimensonal pieces with layers of collaged, natural, and painted wood. The "wood/wood" pieces are carved from logs or laminated blocks. Natural materials appear in many works, including dogwood flowers, seeds, paper wasp nests, bark, and snake skin. Other pieces incorporate crushed glass, rusted metal, and items found along the Potomac River.

These are pictures in which a nocturnal hunter trails a collection of consumer objects, a crow soars over a fragment of a Van Gogh landscape, and a heron melts into a swamp of shadows. These pieces are about the complications of excess— it is hard to simply be a bird, or a human, in modern America— but also about the beauty that surrounds us.







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