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How to Submit News and Stories

We welcome submissions: things to do in our area, birth announcements, club news, news of weddings and annniversaries. If it has a local connection, we’ll be happy to print it. Mail it in or e-mail it to citizen@mip.net. (To make sure we can open your news, send it as part of your e-mail message rather than as a separate ‘attachment.’)

To get news into that Thursday’s paper, we must have it by Monday noon.

Photographs: jpg good, ordinary paper bad...

We welcome photographs: black-and-white, color, or digital.

Photographic prints must be made on photographic (slick-coated) stock— not computer print-outs on ordinary paper.

Digital pictures must be e-mailed to us in jpg format— not sent as paper print-outs. (Don’t even think about faxing us pictures!)

The pictures in the newspaper are printed at 150 dpi. If your digital files are 72 dpi, the image size must be twice the final size printed. If your files are 300 dpi, they may be one half the final size. Please try to minimize file size. Make pictures no larger than needed and convert color to grayscale if possible, though we can handle this step. Please do not send files larger than 500 kilobytes without prior arrangement. Unless other arrangements have been made, please send only 1 copy or view of a photo.

Email: citizen@mip.net
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